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dictionary of visual art

for artists, art students, and art educators
in art production, art criticism, art history, aesthetics, and art education

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Dj-Dz E-Em En-Ez F-Fh Fi-Fl Fm-Fz G-Gl Gm-Gz H-Hd He-Hn Ho-Hz I-Im
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O-Op Or-Oz P-Par Pas-Pe Pf-Pim Pin-Pl Pm-Pom Pon-Pq Pr-Pz Q R-Reg Reh-Rez
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Welcome to ArtLex ! You'll find over 3,400 terms defined here, along with quotations and links to other resources on the Web-- especially to images of artworks. An art dictionary! An art dictionary! An art dictionary! An art

Names of artists and titles of works are noted only within entries for terms; they are not listed alphabetically as terms themselves.

Italicized words are either titles or they are terms defined elsewhere in ArtLex.


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 Abstract Expressionism  marble  Realism
 architecture  mask  Renaissance
 art  Middle Ages  Rococo
 Baroque  Minimalism  Romanticism
 bronze  museum  sculpture
 ceramics  mythology seascape
 costume  Neoclassicism  self-portrait
 Cubism  Neo-Impressionism  still life
 design  Northern Renaissance  Stone Age
 drawing  painting  
 etching  pastel  Surrealism
 glass  photography  Symbolism
 Gothic  plaster  textile
 Impressionism  Pop Art  vessel
 landscape  portrait  watercolor
 lithography  Post-Impressionism  


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