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Angerer the elder (Angerer der Ältere) is a Bavarian painter and poster designer.



Els van Asten is a painter. (Netherlands)



Artur Augustynowicz and his alter egos: August von Novitz, Agostino de l'Arte, R2R are altogether known as Augart. His site reflects this multiple personality "done with intermisunderstanding minds of the anticollaborators [and their] justbeencleaned barefacedness."


Roberto Bertrazzon is a painter and ceramicist. (Italy)


Laura Breitman works in mixed-media collage. (American)


Adriaan Brolsma is a painter who's very interested in still-life and history. (Netherlands)


Alexander Chubar draws and paints figures, still life, portraits and interiors. Some art works comprise erotic and mythological themes.


Bob Dornberg is a painter. (New Smyrna, FL)


Thomas Lauterbach uses oil and egg tempera to produce paintings and prints reflecting on Maori people of Aotearoa. (New Zealand)


Galina Lukshina draws with Indian ink.


Randolph Lee McIver is a figurative painter, draughtsman, sculptor, and educator. (USA)


Nancy Nikkal shows abstract paintings, prints, digital works and collage; for sale and commission, artist biography, arts links, exhibitions, special art projects, tips, art techniques, arts dialogue and commentary.


Roberto Oberti is a painter. (Switzerland)


Florentin Smarandache is a mathematician, a writer, and a teacher, as well as an artist. He says his paintings demonstrate a style he calls paradoxism. (born Romania, lives in New Mexico)


Cheryl Thrasher makes mixedmedia wall reliefs. (Toronto, Canada)


Ronald Warunek is a "Fusionist." Among other things you'll find on his site are "works of art that were painted in total darkness."


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