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How to get a word noted and defined in ArtLex (and other dictionaries)

In a message about any art-related word(s), tell us:

  1. The word. (Any alternative spellings, etc?) The word's history. Citations (quotations) of its use are most important in documenting this history, and in forming definitions. Cite its use in as many publications as you can. Note the author, title, date and location of each publication. If you know of this word from use in conversation, how has this word been used by you / others? What does it mean to you / others? What part of speech is it or can it be? Are there other forms or uses of this word? Do you know of its having been used by speakers of other language(-s) or parts of the world?
  2. How do you and others pronounce it and where?

If yours is a brand new word, you should be very patient. It can take several years or decades for a new word to be accepted. You may not ever see it in a dictionary, especially if it is was created for just one publication. The joy of seeing a word coming into use should be enough. Sending a message to ArtLex demanding inclusion is not the first step. Find or get your word used in several media sources, the more highly reputed the better (for example: a major newspaper, art magazine, or museum catalogue -- not just on the Internet or in local publications or private correspondence). Many citations are needed: by people other than yourself, over a period of several years. Only this will get your word to the starting line. If your word isn't having much luck finding its way to mouths and pens, well, you can always encounter or coin another one. And another one after that!In your correspondence with us, tell us if you give ArtLex permission to acknowlege you and your contribution on its pages, and if we may post a link to your email or Web address at that acknowlegement.Also take a look at these pages:


  Please send your comments / suggestions for additions, changes, or deletions, etc. to the ArtLexicographer at

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