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Artifiction Contemporary Art & Design is a not for profit site dedicated to promotion of contemporary art and artists. Located in both York, England, and in San Diego, California, Artifiction offers free gallery space, community forums and resources for members.


Artmeister's Gallery specializes in artists of Florida -- sculptures, paintings, fused glass, prints, photographs and more.


Artplace is an association of established and emerging fine artists, graphic artists, and art-related professionals. Its online galleries display a wide variety of art works, and links to ArtLex in its "Fine Art Places Resource Directory."
Contact the curator.



ArtSeek is an online art gallery.


Aurora's Art Gallery is an online art gallery. Images searchable by various criteria-- paintings, prints, etc.


Beijing Wan Fung Art Gallery exhibits contemporary art by established and emerging Chinese artists -- particularly works in traditional Chinese styles of painting, sculpture and mixed


Nancy Doyle Fine Art offers contemporary images in oil, pastel and charcoal, online art instruction, modern art history and appreciation, original Irish and immigrant images, and portrait drawings from photos. (West Grove, PA)


Omma Centre of Contemporary Art is a gallery of contemporary painting and sculpture. (Crete)


Eye of the Art is an American online gallery "discovering local art." (Artful Enterprises Inc.) offers paintings, sculptures, graphics, and more online.



International Artists' Images of Eyes Gallery is the Internet gallery devoted to paintings and images of eyes by international artists from Argentina to Zimbabwe.



L'Art de Theo features paintings, lithographs, and illustrations by artists from around the globe, including impressionist painter Theo Wildanger. Browse this virtual gallery, purchase original art and giclee reproductions. (Elam, VA)



Marla Mallett Textiles displays more than 1400 photos of tapestries and other textiles from around the world. (Atlanta, GA)


Louis K. Meisel Gallery specializes in photorealism, while his The Great American Pin-up offers original works by this 1930's to 1970' genre of American illustrators. Contact Louis K. Meisel. (New York, NY)


MessianicArt is a gallery devoted to Christian art. Contact B.R. Burton.


Thee Museum Shoppe and Brass Rubbing Center. (FL) is an online gallery representing 120 artists and over 1000 artworks. (England)


PictureDraw will produces drawings made from clients' photographs. (England)


Scotland specialises in original paintings, representing over 170 Scottish artists. (Scotland)


Anita Shapolsky Gallery specializes in Abstract Expressionism from the New York School -- 1950 and on. The gallery is located on NYC's upper east side, at 152 East 65th Street.


Tarots 2000 is a web gallery exhibiting "Tarots Major Arcana." (Genoa, Italy)


Visionary Gallery is an online gallery, offering online discussions.


Worldwide Art Gallery and shows art from all over the world. It has a kids' gallery too. (Australia)


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