aartist - One who makes art.

It is very interesting to consider that some find this standard far too liberal — that one might be a great painter, for instance, but an "artist" is something significantly above and beyond that in achievement. Nevertheless, a distinction is generally drawn between an artist and an artisan, just as there can be merit to making distinctions between the making of art and craft.

As every definition of art must be controversial, so any definition of artist must be. Wherever the boundaries of a definition of artist are placed, the more interesting question becomes: What makes one artist more significant than another? Or better: What is it that improves an artist? And too, What diminishes an artist?

Typical factors in such discussions involve an artist's art education of course, along with the use of creativity, craft, and originality. Of ultimate importance are the qualities of an artist's world-view, which informs his or her sense of design and style (or zeitgeist), resulting in a heightened ability to see and to create with discrimination.

An artist must do all three of the following: make choices, organize, and create.

Rare synonyms for artist include: iconogenitor, iconographer, and iconoplast.








Bruce Nauman (American, 1941-), Window, 1967, neon tubing, 59 x 55 inches. It reads "The true artist helps the world by revealing mystic truths"
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