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bbrush - A tool used to apply paints and inks to a surface, consisting of hairs, or bristles held in place by a ferrule attached to a handle. The hair may be from any of several sources, some of which are badger, ox, fitch, squirrel (called "camel hair"), and synthetics, though perhaps the finest is red sable. Bristles are usually from hogs, bristle brushes having a characteristic taper, or curve. Brushes for acrylic and polymer paints generally have nylon bristles compatible with those paints.

Names and shapes of some brushes are bright, filbert, flat, stipple, and round.

In Japanese art, there are certain brushes (called fude in Japanese) traditionally used in painting and calligraphy. A small-size brush is a ko-fude, a medium-size is a chu-fude.

A common type of damage resulting from the standing of brushes on their brush-ends is called the kiss of death.


a picture of shapes of various brushes



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