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ccolor temperature - Important in color photography, the color temperature of a source of light is measured in kelvin units in order to match it to the appropriate film, sometimes using filters, some of which are assigned what are called decamired values. Kelvin units are often referred to by their abbreviation K.


Here are the color temperature of common light sources:

 light source color temperature approximate
decamired value
 overcast sky  6700-7000 K  15
 electronic flash  6200-6800 K  16-15
 hazy sunlight  5800 K  17
 average daylight  5500-6000 K  18-17
 morning or afternoon sunlight  5000-5500 K  19
 500-watt amateur photoflood lamps  3400 K  29
 500-watt studioflood lamps  3200 K  31
 100-watt general-service lightbulb  2900K  35





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