mmap - A representation, usually on a flat surface of a region of the earth or of the universe. Or, to make such a representation. A map must be drawn to scale. Some maps are made in relief, others as globes.


Persons who make maps are called mapmakers or cartographers. The art and science of mapmaking is known as cartography.

A compass rose should appear on every map to indicate the direction of north, and maybe others.

A map of a small area is often called a plan.


Iran, Isphahan?, 1144-1145, signed by Yunus Ibn al-Husayn al-Asturlabi, Celestial Sphere, cast copper alloy, engraved and silver-encrusted, Louvre.







see thumbnail to leftVignelli & Associates, New York Subway System Map, 1965.




An example of a map used in art:

see thumbnail aboveRichard Long (English, 1945-), A Hundred Mile Walk, 1971-2, pencil, map, printed text, photographs and labels on board, 21.6 x 48.3 cm, Tate Gallery, London. All of Long's work results from solitary walks he has undertaken in different parts of the world. This work documents the circular route he took on a walk made in December and January of 1971-2, by means of a map showing his location, a photograph of part of the landscape passed through and phrases recording his thoughts and reactions. See earth art and line.

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