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aaze - A complex network of interconnecting pathways, typically confusing. Most often seen as a design or puzzle used as an amusement. When created at a scale in which people can actually enter and explore, as in a garden, a maze is frequently called a labyrinth. The solution to a graphic maze is an unobstructed path through an intricate arrangement of lines from a starting point to a goal. Often cited when describing things complex, puzzling, or confusing, because the experience of being in a maze is that of being lost, and either perceiving that as an entertaining challenge or as bewildering, or even scary.

The maze in one form or another has long been a symbol of man's struggle against eternal forces and has been popular in many cultures, including, among others, the ancient Greeks, Romans and Celts, through the European cultures of the Renaissance and the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Today, it is as popular as ever. The latest computer, video, and other electronic games are nearly all based upon the concept of the maze, elaborated through the use of game theory.

Mazy is a legitimate adjectival form, along with mazier, maziest, and labyrinthine; and there's mazily and maziness too! [It's amazing.]



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