Mr. Delahunt's

Second Grade Art Program




Lessons this year include:

  1. Further study of the "elements of art".
    See the ArtLex article on the elements of art.
  2. Further study of the "principles of design".
    See the ArtLex article on the principles of design.
  3. Ceramics. Students will make "advanced" pinch pots and sculptures with ceramic clay.
    See ArtLex articles on pinch pots, sculpture, and ceramics.
  4. Drawing faces and heads in order to achieve a likeness.
    See the ArtLex article on likeness.
  5. Art in context.


Here are links to pages about the program for other grades, and what we emphasize in each grade:

  • 1st -- creativity with color, pattern, and large tools. Pinch pots. Visit our gallery of 1st graders' family-portraits.
  • 3rd -- landscapes, seeing near and far (creating an illusion of depth), self-portraits. Visit our gallery of 3rd grade students' self-portraits.
  • 4th -- Arizona's art heritage, realism and abstraction, game theory & maze design, drawing from a model, and first work on a potter's wheel
  • 5th -- surrealism, achieving a likeness, using an ever wider variety of media, and America's art heritage.
  • 6th -- architectural design and history, slab-constructed pottery, and the world's art history.


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