Mr. Delahunt's

Third Grade Art Program


Lessons this year include:

  1. Landscapes.
    See the ArtLex article on landscapes, which includes dozens of examples from art history.
  2. Seeing Near and Far (creating an illusion of depth).
  3. Self-portraits.
    See the ArtLex article on self-portraits. Visit our gallery of 3rd grade students' self-portraits.
  4. Art in context.


Here are links to pages about the program for other grades, and what we emphasize in each grade:

  • 1st & 2nd -- creativity with color, pattern, and large tools. Pinch pots. Visit our gallery of 1st graders' family-portraits.
  • 4th -- Arizona's art heritage, realism and abstraction, game theory & maze design, drawing from a model, and first work on a potter's wheel
  • 5th -- surrealism, achieving a likeness, using an ever wider variety of media, and America's art heritage.
  • 6th -- architectural design and history, slab-constructed pottery, and the world's art history.


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